RIM’s encryption and state security

RIM is currently under scrutiny by UAE and Indian governments. Both want access to BlackBerry emails and BBM for national security issues.

> Telecom.com coverage

These governments want to be able to intercept communications as every country is doing on a GSM network. It is pretty easy on a mobile network as long as you have the encryption keys which are the same for every user and an access to the commutation equipments. Nokia Siemens Networks faced some issues during the 2009 unrest in IRAN. NSN have been accused to provide intercept capabilities to the Iranian Government. NSN denied providing any web and data intercept solution that helped the Iranian government to censor and track down opponents. NSN confessed to have provided voice intercept solutions. > NSN press release

In some Western Countries like France BlackBerries are banned from the Army and Government. The issue there is not be able to intercept the emails, apparently there is no issue for the local spies, but the NSA having a direct link to RIM’s servers. The US is sharing with some countries (Canada, UK, Australia, New Zeland) its intelligence but not with some other of its allies. And its other allies seem to like  having some little secrets not shared with the Uncle Sam.


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