Operators’ walled garden temptation

Operators are tempted to use with Open OS the same old tactics they were using with feature OS: to put the device software in a nice walled garden where the end user is encouraged to eat the operator’s services only. This is what happened with the last update of HTC Desire / Vodafone variant. End users were expecting to get the latest version of Android (2.2 dubbed Froyo) but got mainly applications, bookmarks from Vodafone they couldn’t uninstall… > Full story here

Vodafone back paddled as they got loads of complains.

This is just a new example of the operator walled garden temptation. Operators think that they own end user device because they have subsidized it. But what is a subisidy? A financial service, in which you pay monthly a device instead of paying it one off? or a blank contract where you allow the operator to take control of your hardware and decide which software you are to use ?

Maybe this point should be clarified by regulators. Apparently, end users aren’t ready to comply with their operator diktat even though they have signed a 24 month contract.


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