BlackBerry6 OS, BlackBerry Torch and the future of mobile apps

The review of the BlackBerry Torch by Gizmodo is really tough. OK the resolution of the screen, a low-res 480×360 display, is not really what you could expect of a flagship device in 2010. The same for the 624MHz processor which was a best of class but in 2008.

What I like in the Torch is its form factor: the QWERTY-slider is for me a killer one. It combines the full QWERTY, the slider, and Touch screen advantages.

Furthermore BlackBerry 6 OS adds a lot on the browsing side: its browser got a 100/100 on Acid3 tests and is HTML5 compliant. Imagine a browsing experience as on the lastest PC browsers but with a reduced bandwidth usage.

It seems that RIM is working on allowing websites to call its APIs like Screen Rotation, location, etc. If so, RIM will take the lead as application developers will no longer need to develop using a SDK: HTML5 and calling the right APIs will do the trick. I believe this will be the next ‘big (r)evolution’ in mobile application.


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