Please put some Xbox DNA in Windows Mobile 7

The positioning of each mobile platform today is quite simple and straightforward:

  • Apple iOS: best of class UX, casual gaming, browsing and apps
  • Google Android: browsing, Google services, apps
  • Nokia Symbian: best of class turn by turn navigation, music
  • RIM Blackberry: best of class email and messaging

But where will stand Windows Phone 7 in 3 months from now?

Windows Mobile 7 should bring a very good UX but to which extend? We will need to play with some devices to find out. What could be really WP7 DNA and USP is gaming. Not only casual gaming à la iPhone but real hardcore gaming à la Xbox. Just imagine you could play Halo or Tiger Woods PGA Tour with nearly the same graphics and game play as on a Xbox 360.That would bring a differentiating feature no other platform could imitate.

If Windows Phone 7 is just a copy of the iPhone UX, the platform will continue to struggle. The key for Microsoft is to find its own DNA. Xbox seems the right DNA donor.


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