OLPC next project: the $75 tablet

Nicholas Negroponte said that his organization behind the OLPC project (one laptop per child) is developing a tablet. This tablet will cost around US$75 and feature Android and a 9 inch display. What is the most interesting is that tablet should be able to work in the sunlight, reflecting the light of the sun, and indoor thanks to a back-light.


A first prototype should be available before the end of the year. Definitely 2010 will be the year of the Tablet.

Even though one may have some doubt about the industrial part of the project, one must remember that the OLPC gave birth to what we call today Netbooks, this new category of small and cheaper laptops. Negroponte’s target for OLPC was a US$100 device. Manufacturers are currently offering US$200 netbooks.

Negroponte is setting the target for the whole category and showing the way.I wouldn’t be surprised if the price of Tablets stabilizes around US$150 within the next 18 months making it a massive market and a huge opportunity for manufacturers.

But without any doubts one of the winner will be Google, as the market is polarizing itself between iPad and Android powered device for the rest of the manufacturers.


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