Nexus One discontinued. Until Nexus Two?

Google is pulling the plug on the Nexus One, but will still offer it as a reference platform to developers.

> article from Fierce Developer

I was mentioning here that I thought it was much ado about nothing. Indeed the novelty was to sell directly the phone to consumers bypassing operators and retailers.

But Google had a poor customer service and have been blamed for not being able to answer properly to consumers’ enquiries.To put it bluntly, selling hardware is a real trade that even Google cannot improvise.

Google just learned the lesson, but what will be the next step? Given their financial power they can set up this hardware business properly by hiring the right people, or they can withdraw their ambitions and launch the next Google phones through partners with the right know-how.

Given the modesty and humility of the guys at Google, I would bet on the first option. Eric Schmidt was reported saying “[the Nexus One] was so successful, we didn’t have to do a second one.” He just forgot to add “as for now” and let’s hope the second Nexus will be this time a real success in the eyes of the consumer.


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