How will mobile devices look like 15 years from now?

I was wondering with some friends and mobile experts what could be the future of the mobile phone. When you look back mobiles have changed during the last 15 years: evolving from a 12-keypad / 1 line display shoebox to a no key / 4” display fit for HD videos and data usage.

You can have a look at the device evolution from 1983 till today on this webdesigner depot page.

How will look a mobile (computer) device in 15 years from now?

One can extrapolate the form factor trend and imagine a device very thin which basically would be a screen with no key. If one goes a bit further, a foldable screen one could extract from a tube to display information.

foldable screen concept

foldable screen concept

One step further would be to eliminate the screen and project the data on glasses or on any surface in front of you. It is the vision of Pranav Mistry and it’s sixth sense project.


sixth sense

‘SixthSense’ is a wearable gestural interface that interacts with the physical world around us making information a part of it.

This is merely a concept, but as the UI used by Tom Cruise in Minority Report, Sixth Sense is showing the way for future mobile interfaces.


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