Vodafone UK using its customers as QoS Probes

Vodafone is really pushing this year its coverage  as its core value proposition. See previous post.

Even if I don’t like the way they communicate it, Vodafone UK promise is the best coverage. They aren’t promising cheap calls, nice devices, etc… but a good coverage where ever you are in the UK and what ever is your specific case. Femtocell is just a weapon within their arsenal.

They even have launched a website for their customer to report the network QoS.


Vodafone UK Signal

Vodafone UK Signal

Vodafone customers provide coverage updates – in real-time thanks to Twitter. Customers are requested to enter the hashtag #vodafonesignal and include the following information:

  • Location – postcode or address
  • Signal strength – number of bars
  • Data connection – GPRS, EDGE, 3G
  • Whether in or outdoors
  • The make and model of phone

The results are then displayed on a mashed-up Google map.

Again I find this approach awkward as the coverage is not an on-top service. If the coverage is good it is normal, no reason to report then, if it isn’t, customers are outraged. The risk with this kind of approach is to get negative feed backs only.

I’m not sure it will convince any customer from O2 or Everything-Everywhere (T-Mobile+Orange) to defect their current operator.


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