Commucating on technology vs. usage

As you probably already know I love looking at posters, especially on the ones for mobile devices or operator services.

I found this one from SAMSUNG in the London Underground this week end. Even though I’m working in the mobile industry I found this poster quite appalling, because basically nobody knows the difference between a standard touch screen and the new ‘world’s first Super AMOLED HD screen‘. (you can breathe now):  This is just ridiculous.



On the other hand this other poster from SAMSUNG for the same device in the same station is a bit better as it communicates on the usage: with this device you get a Video on Demand service to watch, for instance, the Hangover.

Samsung movies

Samsung movies

OK, there is still this fuzzy claim but the value proposition is clear, with this device you’ll be able to watch good quality videos.

Communicating on usage is far more efficient as it empowers every user and it helps them to figure out the usage value of the device. Just have a look at the iPad advert: it only shows someone using the iPad.

iPas advert

iPas advert

Focusing on usage instead of technology is a kind of Copernican revolution for most manufacturers. But it is a revolution that will draw the line between success and failure.


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