Sony still struggling to push PSP GO ?

Sony seems still to struggle with the sales of its PSP GO. Sony is now offering 10 free games to download for every PSP GO sold. The games offered are not casual games but big franchises like Assasin’s creed, FIFA football, etc.

> the PSP GO promotion

PSP GO promotion
As I was mentioning in an earlier post, this is really difficult to change a business model which has been successful. Second hand games and (unfortunately) piracy are the biggest block stoppers for this change to happen.

Sony should have double thought this evolution by imagining a less aggressive change. One could imagine to be able to transfer one game from one console to the other or to a kiosk that would enable retailers to sell at their own price ‘second hand game licence’. It would have been a smoother transition path and would have helped to keep retailers in the loop as retailers are the main console prescribers.


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