Apple tripping over iPhone antenna implementation

I usually don’t comment on Apple iPhone as there isn’t much to say on top of the permanent media buzz.

To be honest, when I heard about Apple launching a phone late 2006, I said to my self “good luck guys” as I didn’t imagine the OS and its implementation in the hardware to be so flawless. I didn’t imagine either the operators love affair with the device, fighting to get it exclusive to the extend they did some revenue share on data revenues. As many people in the industry, I couldn’t believe Apple getting into this mobile device business so quickly and so successfully.

Since the 1st iPhone launch, Apple didn’t commit any error: they enriched the portfolio every year with clear improvements but without losing their DNA. They expanded their reach to other operators ending exclusive deals.

Here is their first faux pas. When held left-handed the device antenna sensitivity drops dramatically.

> Engadget article and Apple’s answer to the issue

Apple fans won’t turn their back to the iPhone but Apple is facing here its first stress test. It’s image is no longer spotless and Jobs’ answer “don’t hold it that way” is arrogant, especially as Apple is demonstrating the iPhone in the ‘wrong way’.

Maybe they should label the iPhone 4 as ‘for right handed people only’. Let’s wait for the left-handed variant 😉


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