Vodafone UK last posters: sending the wrong message

I love advertisement and especially the posters you cross in the public transports.

I really enjoyed the current campaign of Vodafone UK :

Vodafone Ad

Vodafone : We make sure your calls get through

and this one

Vodafone: Sure signal helps you get a great signal at home

So did you get the message? I DIDN’T!

Vodafone guarantees it works (ad #1) but Vodafone has a service that helps make it work at home (ad #2) (because it doesn’t). So what do you assume? You assume Vodafone service just DOESN’T WORK or at least they cannot guarantee it does!

The only sure thing is they should change quickly their agency and the communication team that drives them.


3 thoughts on “Vodafone UK last posters: sending the wrong message

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    • The issue with Vodafone Sure Signal is
      1. the offer is no at the right level, as VF is not offering a home zone discount on calls, after all the customer is paying for its own infrastructure
      2. the ad is inconsistent with the other ads that are currently on display
      … but still Femtocell is an interesting technology

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