Consolidation in the Japanese market

Toshiba and Fujitsu are discussing the merge of their 2 mobile companies according to the news. The merge should take place late this year.

> FT article

As I mentioned in a previous post, Japanese manufacturers suffered a lot from the end of device subsidies. The Japanese market shrank by 1/3 in 2 years.

One other special trait of the Japanese market is that it is dominated by local handset vendors. Japanese makers control nearly 90% of their home market. These vendors mainly play locally and have little if any presence outside Japan.

Japan market

The only foreign outsider gaining a position into this market is Apple with a 4% market share.

How long will the Japanese market continue to be an exemption with so strong local players? This consolidation between Toshiba and Fujitsu may be the first sign that this time has come to an end.

Market Share
Sharp 27%
Fujitsu – Toshiba 20%
Panasonic 15%
NEC Casio Hitachi 15%
Sony Ericsson 7%
Kyocera Sanyo 5%
Apple 4%

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