This blog in an app on OVI Store

I couldn’t resist the OVI store advertisement: Create your own app in minutes thanks to Ovi app wizard.

> Give it a try

So I just tried out to build an application that will display this blog on Nokia devices.

Porting Mobiles and Butterflies on an Ovi app

This was quite easy as you just have to know the URL of your feeds. Ovi kindly offered me to push some advertisement on my application:

Ovi advertisement program

Ovi advertisement program

I chose of course some pictures for the banners and icons and this is it, my ‘Mobiles and Butterflies’ application is pending Nokia’s approval:

Mobiles and Butterflies pending approval

Mobiles and Butterflies pending approval

I really created this application in a few minutes. It will be available on S40 and S60 devices from the Ovi Store on a Global basis.

Nokia just unleashed the power to create a mobile application to any dummy. Local governments, associations, and people will be able to distribute their information to mobile devices at no cost as long as they have a website supporting RSS.

That’s really a breakthrough innovation.


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