Obsolete and not-yet-obsolete local navigation solutions

I just bumped into this old kiosk in La Defense disctrict in Paris. A kisosk which belongs to a time, 10 years ago, when GPS was a military only service and Google Maps didn’t exist.

SITU kiosk

SITU kiosk

This kiosk called SITU was supposed to help you go to your next appointment on foot or by public transportation. You had to enter the address where you wanted to go and the machine would print a ticket with the directions to this place.

SITU kisok

old fashionned UI

Few meters away in the CNIT shopping center, I found a brand new kiosk which helps you to localize the shop you are looking for.

CNIT Local Nav. kiosk

CNIT Local Nav. kiosk

CNIT kiosk

CNIT kiosk

How long will it take before the guys running the shopping centre to offer a mobile application to locate you in their premisses and give you directions to your favourite shops?

Not too long, I believe. And this nice touch screen kiosk will look from another era.


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