Android threatening WinCE

2 years ago I was working on tablet device (MID) projects for Toshiba. These projects have been dropped as we have preferred to focus on TG01 which was a phone with MID features (big screen, real browser).

At that time were when you had to develop a portable device without voice, you had only 2 viable choices, WinCE (Windows Consumer Electronics) or Linux.
Linux wasn’t a realistic option if you wanted some 3rd parties application to run on the device. So at the end Microsoft always won.
This is no longer the case. All the MID / Tablet that have been launched during the last 6 months are all Android Powered:

  • Archos 5 and Archos 8 run android
  • Dell Streak
  • Eee Pad from Asus
  • Acer to launch an Android or Chrome OS tablet

So beyond the fight Windows Mobile vs. Android, the flexibility of Android is damaging WinCE, one of the core products of Microsoft portfolio. All Taiwanese and Chinese ODMs are now in favour of the Android platform as it is:

  • flexible
  • royalty free
  • easy to customize

I won’t been amazed if an Android Powered PND shows off one of these days.

Android is slowly but surely damaging one of Microsoft milk cow in Consumer Electronics.


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