Improving the in-car PND experience

PND experience is quite clumsy: you need to fix the cradle arm on your windscreen, put the PND cradle on the arm, and then plug in the CLA.
So far the only alternative has been to buy a car with an embedded navigation system. But these systems are usually not as good as a PND, more expensive and available only on the most expensive cars.

Renault ad with TomTom

Renault ad with TomTom

TomTom is trying a new approach to sell its PND with Renault. TomTom PNDs are offered as an option on middle range Renault cars. What is really new is that  Renault has introduced a cradle in the dashboard. So it’s not a classical embedded solution but a way to improve the PND experience. The TomTom PND is still a device that is plugged in and out in the dashboard removing the hurdle of the cables and arms.

Renault Dashboard with TomTom

Renault Dashboard with TomTom

I find this approach very smart and very flexible. Your PND is still affordable, removable, from a famous brand and the UX is seamless within the car.

With the introduction of the universal charger for mobile phones, let’s hope car manufacturers are working on similar solution to improve the in-car mobile experience.


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