Android devices without Google

As I was mentioning in a previous post, there are 3 levels of partnership with Google on Android when you are a manufacturer :

  • Level 1 – you use android, it’s open source you do what ever you want
  • Level 2  – you use Android and get a contract in place with Google to use Google Maps, the search, Gmail, Gtalk etc
  • Level 3 – you are the chosen one, you have the right to put Google on the device

What is really funny with Level 1 is that you can do whatever you want with Android like putting Yahoo Search on top, Baidu or even Bing! … Android looks like a box full of lego pieces, you can assemble the way you want. > article from
It is just what happened with Motorola and Microsoft: Bing will be the default search on all Motorola Android devices.

I’m pretty sure Samsung will do the same on its device with Yahoo as they have a global agreement.

So what are the benefits for Google to have managed to get such a strong position in the mobile OS space ? One might wonder, but on the long run, I believe, they will  maintain their strong position in search thanks to Android. Being not present in the mobile arena wasn’t an option.


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