The connected TV war has started

Some have thought the next TV battle  will be on 3D, but the impact of connected TV is far greater as it is a game changer. 3D wont impact the value chain, as there will still be a content provider, a content aggregator (the channel) a broadcaster and a manufacturer. But this is not the case with connected TVs as I was mentioning this in a previous post.

Sony just launched an ad campaign for its latest Bravia TV set. Bravia tellies feature a browser and access to some selected websites like Flickr, YouTube and DailyMotion.

Samsung launched its Medi@ 2.0 series with twitter, games, etc:

One can expect other TV manufacturers to reply with their own flavour of connected TV and massive communication plans.

Today only the high end TVs are connected. How quick this feature will enter mid range and then entry level TV sets? Most of the value lays there: in the friendly way to connect your grand-parents to the internet and share with them your latest holidays pictures.


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