Microsoft 3 fold mobile strategy

I won’t comment on the next Windows Phone 7 and its potential to regain the ground against other platforms. I’m proposing in this post to have a look at 2 others mobile products from Microsoft.

Microsoft will (most) probably unveil this week the launch of the “Pink Project” according to the latest rumors.  The Pink would be a Microsoft branded phone manufactured by Sharp. The OS powering the device wouldn’t be Windows Mobile and shouldn’t be compatible with Windows Mobile. The device would come from the danger lineage. The tagline of the device should be “Making your network more social”.

With OneApp, Windows Phone 7 and now Pink, Microsoft has now a nice portfolio of products in the mobile arena:

Microsoft Positioning Mattrix

Microsoft positioning matrix

It looks like Microsoft is containing its old foes, Google and Apple with these three products.

The last piece that is the less know, OneApp, is not the less interesting. It aims at providing applications for low CPU devices (i.e. feature phones). It is a low margin market but a massive one. If the margin may be around $1, the targeted market is the 3 billion devices in developing countries that just connected to a GSM network for voice and SMS and will soon need some internet capabilities. As you can imagine, this is quite appealing even for a Microsoft.


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