Manufacturers social responsibility

OEM and ODM social responsibility has been long and is still a subject of paramount hypocrisy within the device industry. Every company is using factories in main land china or somewhere else and as this factories are not directly controlled but are suppliers no one cares of the working conditions of their workers.

‘These factories are not ours, so it is up to the supplier to comply with the employment laws’. This is usually the end of the story.

Even though you learn during the conversation that the factory employs 100,000 workers, has dormitories, etc. What can be the living conditions in a factory with dormitories? Victorian England workhouses aren’t far away.

Nevertheless lines are moving in the good direction with Apple. Apple is now publishing on its website a suppliers responsibility report and the results of the audits Apple has conducted.

> Apple Suppliers Responsibility web page

Apple may be doing it for brand image reasons but the result is that the life of the ones making our laptops, mobiles and electronic gadgets should be improving.

The Apple Suppliers Code of Conduct tackles different areas:

Code of conduct

Code of conduct

And Apple is publishing the results of the latest audits:



It would be really good if all the manufacturers were doing the same. The Sony, HTC, Nokia, Toshiba, Acer, Dell, HP, etc.

Please think twice the next time you’ll buy an electronic device dirty cheap… It may have been made in terrifying conditions …


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