The IT world is becoming Mobile Centric

It is funny to discover that most big IT companies are discovering the mobile and changing their focus to become mobile centric. Here are a few examples.

  • Google’s Eric Schmidt went to MWC in the opening session to woo the mobile industry
  • Apple is re defining itself as a mobile device company: laptops and ipods beeing in their eyes mobile device. I would personally object that a mobile device needs some kind of WAN connectivity but anyway. Apple claims that it has shipped more devices than Nokia (?)
  • Microsoft has introduced 2 things which show they are moving away from a PC centric world. Myphone application enables you to back-up all your Windows Mobile data on a remote server without connecting to a PC with Activesync / Outlook. Furthermore WinPhone 7 won’t permit application side loading from a PC. So there is no need of a PC when you have a smartphone, which is a revolution in itself for Microsoft. Remember the last TV ad for WM 6.5, WM6.5 value proposition was to bring a PC experience into your smartphone.

The IT world is getting mobile and the mobile is getting IT thanks to the rapid growth of the smartphone and the wide availability of 3G. Hence the barycentre of mobile which has long been European is shifting to the Silicon Valey. Let’s say this centre of gravity is now in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Let’s hope the mobile industry won’t collide with an iceberg. 😉


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