From a walled garden to another

In the early 2000s each mobile operator have launched its own mobile portal with nice WAP, iMode, or Web services for its customers only. And its customers were supposed to use these services only. It was called a walled garden. These portals still remain but are now competing with those from the main stream internet thanks to the ever improving browsing capabilities of the devices.

Now take a step back at the fierce competition on the OS platform. Manufacturers / Platform providers have re invented the walled garden. Consumers can get applications only from their closed on-device market place. Even Microsoft with Windows Phone 7 is banning application side loading from a PC or a SD Card. If I find a terrific niche application not available from an app. market, how do I do?

The walled-garden portals from mobile operators have shown one thing: Consumers don’t like to stay in closed spaces for long and smart guys love to make ladders to step over the fence.


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