Digital Democracy: a British example

Everyone remembers the crime map of SimCity in the early days of this game. I don’t know if this feature still exists but the British Governement is offering a real life service copying it.

1990s SimCity screenshot

1990s SimCity screenshot

From the website you can view the crime map in any area of the UK. Here is the crime map of my home surroundings:

Crime map Camberley UK

Crime map Camberley UK

and you can get the crime rate evolution:

Crime evolution

Crime evolution

If you plan to move in a different city you can check before hand the safety of the place before signing with your landlord or buying a new property. Can you imagine a mobile application showing you the crime rate of where you stand in real time?

I’m bewildered by the degree of openness of the British Police and government, as in many other democratic countries these statistics are kept, if not secret, well hidden.


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