Vodafone’s FemtoCell sting

The last Vodafone advertisement in the London underground raised me a smile:  it features its new service Sure Signal. This ad is terribly true and funny: your life becomes a nightmare when your home isn’t covered. Your just hang through the window hoping to get an additional signal bar.

Vodafine Sure Signal Ad

Vodafine Sure Signal Ad in the London Underground

How is it really working. Well it’s quite simple: you install a Vodafone BTS in your living room, connect it to your broadband modem and switches on the whole. Then you get a Vodafone signal in your home and usually a bit beyond …

The offer is quite simple too, you pay a one off £50 or £5 per month depending on your plan.
The ad is enhancing the change in quality of life this solution has brought to many people…

Vodafone Sure Signal Offer

Vodafone Sure Signal Offer

But let’s think twice: these very people are just paying to improve the Vodafone coverage and don’t get anything in return. Furthermore they pay the CAPEX of this coverage extension but the OPEX too as the FemtoCell is connected through the home broadband which can be from any provider.

One would expect with this offer to get at minimum a discount on the calls you are making from home. This isn’t the case with Sure Signal. After all you are paying for the infrastructure and around 40% of the calls are made from one’s very home.
Furthermore by-passers in front of your home or neighbours may use the Femtocell you are paying for. I’m pretty sure you won’t get any revenue share from Vodafone for those calls.
My advice to these ‘desperate out of coverage’ VF customers would be switch mobile operator ! And my advice to Vodafone UK guys: don’t take consumers for fools.


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