Europeans aren’t charismatic. Are they?

I start to believe that Europeans aren’t charismatic at all. We are overflowed by information about the latest Apple, the latest move from Google with its Android, the rumours about the new Windows Mobile 7, etc.

On the other hand the coverage of Nokia and Symbian is so thin that you would expect that Nokia is just a niche player in Eastern Syldavia and Symbian an assembly language for an exotic 8-bit CPU.

According to the latest figures for 2009
, Nokia is still number one with 39% market share. As regards Smartphones, Nokia shipped 20 million devices which amounts 40% smartphone market share. Ok, Nokia isn’t still very strong in touch screen only devices.

Devices Shipments

(Millions of Units)

Market Share


Q4 ’09 2009 Q4 ’09 2009
Nokia 126.9 431.8 39.10% 38.10%
Samsung 69 227.3 21.30% 20.10%
LG 33.9 117.9 10.50% 10.40%
Sony Ericsson 14.6 57 4.50% 5.00%
Motorola 12 55.1 3.70% 4.90%
Others 68 242.8 21.00% 21.50%
Total 324.4 1131.9 100.00% 100

source: Strategy Analytics

The real issue here, at least for us Europeans, is that all the buzz and Public Relations in the High Tech Industry are made in the US not to say in California. Even though the US isn’t the most advanced Telecom market in the world.

Are Europeans less charismatic?Is there a language issue? I don’t mean for the British and Irish. Would it be better if we had in Europe a region where all the innovative companies concentrate?

The source of this ‘under coverage’ of European ITC business is, I believe, a mix of all of these reasons. But the big main reason is just that journalists are lazy, especially the American ones.


2 thoughts on “Europeans aren’t charismatic. Are they?

  1. It is great to always quote numbers and claim innovation as a result of leadership in volumes. As an example, Compaq was the market leader in numbers and kept on ignoring Dell until it became no body and got sold to HP. Sun claimed itself to be the leader of UNIX systems and that lasted until Linux on X86 took over and Sun is now a small part of Oracle.

    I have been a fan of Nokia phones for the longest time and finally tried iPhone and Android and Palm phones and couldn’t help but say they are all innovative and sexy and way more usable for applications . Nokia has more features than any of these phones like a better camera and such but the fact is that users on iPhone with 2MP take more pictures than with Nokia N95 with 5MP. Why?

    • I believe it’s really early to bury Nokia. Nokia’s strategy is four fold:
      entry level devices, mid range devices, high end devices, and services. So far I believe they are very strong in entry level thanks to their economies of scale, mid range where they are likely to introduce Symbian and democratize smartphones, and services with Ovi. Comes with music hasn’t been a great hit maybe due to operators lack of enthusiasm, but Ovi maps is a tremendous success and open many possibilities.
      The main issue is the high end segment where every player is focusing. Nokia needs to create some magic in this area.

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