Big fishes united against Google

There seems to be a united front against Google these days:

  • Apple and Microsoft are discussing about replacing Google Search Engine by Microsoft  Bing in the iPhone.
  • Nokia just announced that turn by turn navigation on Nokia Maps will be free following the same announce from Google on Android with Google Maps
  • Mobile Ad companies are snatched up one after the other by Apple or Nokia to compete with Google.
  • Nokia and Microsoft are collaborating on laptops, and web services.

Why so much hatred?

Google has just the nasty habit to destroy value and businessses which used to help big fishes in the pond to make a (good) living. Google isn’t playing by the rules of the others as it doesn’t sale anything to the end user (device, software, or service).

With the amount of money it gets from Internet Ad, Google can subsidize nearly any activity. Last example was making turn by turn navigation free on Android. It just destroyed the business of many companies, like TomTom, Copilot, etc.

I’m not saying the war is not raging between Microsoft, Nokia and Apple. But none of them is getting such a strong position as Google and none of them is fighting on so many fronts at the same time: OS, Browser, Search Engine, Navigation, etc.

Google 'real world' ad for Chrome

Google 'real world' ad for Chrome

Google’s moto is said to be ‘don’t do evil’, but it just seems that for the IT and Telco community Google is the Great Evil these days.


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