2010, the year of the Slate

2010 will be the year of the MID, eh … sorry of the Tablet … well not exactly, it will be the year of the SLATE. You know the Magic Slate like the one you used in nursery.

Magic Slate

Magic Slate, the old way

The Magic Slate is the concept of this year: a 5″ to 15″ flat screen with as less buttons as it is possible. The concept has been declined is every form at the last CES: eBooks, Computer, Phone.
The most impressive are the computer ones as they seem to be usable especially with Windows 7. Ballmer has presented the HP Slate during his keynote, and Apple is expected to announce its own by the end of this month.

Have a look at Gizmodo to know everything about the rumours on Apple’s Slate. By the way guess the name of the product. An easy one : iSlate or Magic Slate.

Archos has already one very nice the Archos 9, ready for shipping.

Archos 9

Archos 9 Slate Computer

It’s all very nice, but was is really missing is the usage. What will you do with a Slate? I believe people are fed up by technological blabla and want a clear value proposition. That’s the reason why MID didn’t take off. There was no real value proposition except: you’ve got an Internet Browser in your bag. Who will pay 300€ for a device with such a low value proposition?
So far, the Slate value proposition and usage aren’t very clear. Let’s wait until the end of the month. Usually Apple has got very clear view on these kinds of things.


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