Mobile Operators in 2010: back to basics

It’s really funny to watch MNOs advertisement these days. After years of complex offers and plans that only someone with an IQ of 150+ could fully understand, Operators are back on what makes them really different from one another: their network.
Communication is back on their core value proposition: the network, both network coverage and the network quality. Some operators like O2 in the UK have encountered several outages and saturation in dense areas. Consumers are becoming more and more sensitive to the QoS of their favourite network because there is nothing more frustrating than not getting an email through,  not being able to connect to the Internet or to have a call rejected.

The last ad from Orange UK ‘You’re covered’ aims at O2 customers with an iPhone who are disappointed by the poor quality of O2 network .

Orange ad 'you're covered'

Orange ad 'Your Are Covered'

But Orange UK is tackling the ‘good old’ voice too, with the launch of HD Voice on its network. Orange aims at providing a better quality for voice calls by using a wider speech bandwidth. It will help Orange to differentiate itself from O2 and Vodafone.

In the US, the ad from Verizon refers to the 3G network coverage to show it has the best value proposition for advanced devices compared to AT&T.

Verizon vs AT&T network ad

Verizon vs AT&T network ad

In France, SFR communicates on the quality of both voice and data communications on its network through the ARCEP (French Ofcom) annual benchmark.

SFR Website

SFR Network claim

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg as all operators in 2010 will have to show they have the best networks to woo the smartphone users.

Smartphone users tend to use communication ten times more that standard users. Disappointing this user segment will put any operator future at risk.


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