Google Phone / HTC Nexus One: Much Ado About Nothing?

We now  know a bit more about the HTC Nexus One that will be branded ‘Google’ or ‘Android’ as it has been presented today to the press by HTC CEO Peter Chou. As far as I know it hasn’t been presented by any Google top executive… Even if the device is being pushed very hard by Google it remains a HTC device.

The device features:

  • Android 2.1,
  • a new UI, (from Google)
  • 1GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm
  • 3.7” touch screen

This is the first Android on a snapdragon processor.

HTC Nexus One

HTC Nexus One or 'Google phone'

The device should be available directly from Google for $529 or from T-Mobile USA for $179. It will be available in Europe through Vodafone.

So what is really different from previous devices?

The distribution model is not shaking the market as HTC Nexus One will be subsidized by operators and probably with some exclusivity. The novelty seems to be the direct sale from Google. But will consumers change their habits and order their new mobile from Google on the Internet instead of going to the mobile shop around the corner? I personally doubt it. The geeks will order for sure but the rest?

I wouldn’t say nothing new, it will be interesting to see Android running on a 1GHz application processor and do a little benchmark with Windows Mobile.  But frankly the release of this device doesn’t deserve all the media buzz that have been done. Much Ado About Nothing?


One thought on “Google Phone / HTC Nexus One: Much Ado About Nothing?

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