Blackberry Messenger, the silent killer application

iPhone penetration looks like an out of control epidemic in most Western Europe countries. People of all background show off their iPhone in the underground, in the street… It is not rare to look around and discover being surrounded by iPhones only.

blackberry messengerNevertheless another manufacturer is taking market shares even though if it is more discrete, it’s RIM.

Blackberries are taking ground especially in the strategic segment of the 20 – 28 years old. They pick up Blackberries for Email but this not the only reason. This generation is used to Messenger since they are teens and they love Blackberries because they get exactly the same experience of instant messaging with an always on device featuring a Qwerty keyboard. Furthermore the billing is very clear with no hidden cost as the Blackberry Messenger is included in the service for free.

BlackBerry Messenger Screenshot

BlackBerry Messenger Screenshot

Maybe Blackberry devices are less cool than the iPhone but as one 20 year old explained to me: ‘I don’t need thousands of applications or 5 times the same one. I just need the right ones with BB messenger to chat with all my friends’. And this person doesn’t seem to alone as Blackberries are mushrooming in this segment for a very simple reason: it’s viral. If you want to chat with another BB Messenger user it is straight foward if you own one yourself.
I’m pretty sure the guys at RIM have realized that and the potential they’ve got in their hands. They are probably working on younger versions of the iconic device. After all who has said that a BlackBerry shouldn’t be purple, red or yellow!


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