Touchscreen devices for the masses

I read a little bit confusing article on ‘Touchscreen handsets driving decline in UK spending’

The author described the touch screen devices as the main factor of declining ARPU in the UK market. I believe he is quite wrong in his analysis. The input method isn’t the right factor for declining revenue.
Touch screen have a been a high feature for a few years but given the attractiveness of the iPhone and its UX other manufacturers have introduced touch screens not only on their Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android devices but on feature phones. You can find among those devices: Samsung Tocco, LG Renoir, LG Cookie, etc.
For unaware consumer, these touch screen devices are as cool as the iPhone. But as they are working with a proprietary OS they cannot download cool applications that uses a lot of data and they don’t have the latest browser supporting Flash. So with a device with limited capabilities the consumer uses less data and services.
Touch screen is just becoming a standard feature available from low end to high end devices.
What would be interesting to know is the correlation between the ARPU and

  • the size of screen,
  • the open OS
  • the Qwerty keyboard

One can assume that the bigger screen you get the more you consume data services, and with a real Qwerty keyboard one tends to do more emails.
And last and not least all the Open OS maybe not equal. Some may generate more data ARPU than others.
It would have been interesting to know but unfortunately only operators have the data and they like secrecy…


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