Mobile OS boot up time: a benchmark

I was just playing with a BlackBerry and once again I was impressed by its boot up time. You switch it on and quite instantly it is ready to use. OK, still searching for the network, but ready to use.

So I created this benchmark to see where the competition was standing. Sorry, Android is missing and I’ll update the post later. 🙂

Boot up time benchmark

Boot up time benchmark

BlackBerry is really impressive with 4 seconds, and Symbian is in the race with 11 seconds. Windows Mobile 6.5 improves slightly the performance but it is still the laggard OS with more than 37 seconds to boot up. I don’t know if it is the reason why “Steve Ballmer wishes they had already launched WM7” but it could be one the reasons.

Boot up time table

Boot up time table

Now you know which device to pick up if you want to win the race when your plane arrives at its parking stand and everyone is swithing on its device to check  messages.


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