Maemo, a threat to Symbian ?

I remember during last MWC in Barcelona telling a journalist that Symbian was an ageing OS and the shocked reaction of the guy. But I still believe Symbian is a very nice but ageing OS: it has been tortured to manage touch screen and widget, but one day or the other it won’t bear another layer of new features.

That’s the reason why Nokia is pursuing the development of Maemo with the launch of the new N900.

N900 presentation

Maemo 5 UI presentation

As Symbian is going Open Source and available to every manufacturer, Nokia had to introduce a new OS for its high end devices to differentiate.  So is Symbian at risk? I don’t believe so. The vision of Nokia is simple: Smartphone segment is still growing. More and more users will want a Smartphone to replace their feature phone but at the price of this feature phone. Operators are pushing that way too because Open OS give them the opportunity to push their services and applications to develop data usage.

So we will have in the next 18 months, Maemo OS dedicated to Nokia’s high tier devices and Symbian OS entering the mid tier market. I believe Nokia will launch a 3G Symbian powered Smartphone  at around 100 € within this timeframe, putting once again the competition under tremendeous pressure.


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