The death of mobile video telephony?


Video telephony seems to be a futuristic application since the early days telephone was invented. AT&T never succeeded to launch its video phone in the 60s nor did NTT in the 70s. Now even the mobile video telephony, once the star application of 3G in 1999, is at risk.

Toshiba TG01 the 1st Qualcomm snapdragon phone doesn’t support video telephony. But it isn’t a choice of Toshiba but a constraint from Qualcomm: Snapdragon chipset (aka QSD 8250) just simply doesn’t support it.

I don’t have the view on the real usage of video telephony on the 3G networks, but it just seems it had never taken off and now the industry is focusing on other data applications like email, browsing, etc. Just to be sure, it would be interesting to look at the final specs of LTE to check out if video telephony is still in the menu.


One thought on “The death of mobile video telephony?

  1. video telephony is not a new term… we have heard it before.. what we waited for was to experience it. alas, we still cudnt properly! hope it comes soon.

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