ChromeOS: Filling up the Vacuum created by Microsoft

Chrome OS has been presented by the press all around the world as a challenger of Microsoft Windows. I don’t believe this is the case. Google has pushed forward the launch of Chrome OS not to compete with Windows Vista or the new Windows 7 but to fill up the vacuum created by Microsoft itself.
If you have a look at the OS mapping there is a vacuum is the Always connected 7” – 11” device segment. This segment based on ARM architecture is untapped by Microsoft for an unknown reason. Maybe to protect its relationship with Intel? Windows should be the standard OS in this segment as it is in the Netbooks.  Manufacturers were considering introducing Android but the OS isn’t fit for large displays and PC like experience.  The alternative was a Linux distribution called Red Flag which is too confidential to get consumers’ awareness and create some traction. The first Netbooks featuring Linux distributions have been swiftly replaced by Windows SKUs.
OS segmentation 1
Google stepped in this segment probably pushed by Qualcomm and ARM. So the main target of Google isn’t the netbook segment but the smartbook one. The support of x86 architecture may be just a smoke screen for Microsoft not to see the primary target. I believe Windows is still for a long time the standard OS for Netbooks and Laptops.
OS segmentation Chrome
As the future’s belongs to the connected data devices, Google has taken the initiative in the next ICT battle, pushing Microsoft in a corner. But for how long?


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