AppStore Wars – The clone Wars

As I was writing here 2 weeks ago (The Operator Strikes Back), every stakeholder of the mobile value chain is trying to grab a piece of the application cake as the cards are being redistributed in the industry.

The latest are Sun and Qualcomm. One can wonder as those 2 players are quite away from the customer front office.

SUN approach is that JAVA is the write once, run every where language. It actually works on any device from the low end feature phone to the latest gadget. Nevertheless the reality is a bit different. Developers need to adapt their JAVA software to the capabilities of the device to optimize the experience: screen resolution, size, memory, etc.

>> read this interesting article on SUN AppStore

Qualcomm approach is an operator friendly one: the idea is to provide a toolbox of client, connection and back-office software to operators. These softwares will enable them to have an appstore working with many manufacturers, OS (Brew, WinMobile, Android, Symbian, LiMo, etc.), but with a Qualcomm chipset.

>>  Qualcomm press release

The Appstore Wars are far from being over and every stakeholder is cloning the other players’ moves to stay in the race for the highest position in the value chain.


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