Mobile Operators’ Obamania

There is an epidemic amongst Western Europe Operators of Obamania. The first 100 days of Barack Obama as the US presidency seem to have transformed the main Operators into Obama’s supporters. Everyone remembers the ‘Yes, We can’ from Obama’s campaign.

Now main operators all have changed their claims from a ‘me, I and Myself’ into a ‘we, our community, what we share in common’ sort of things. There is no longer any mention of performance, or freedom. Selfish concerns just seem to have disappeared.

Now let’s have a look at the latest claims from our favourite operators:

  • We’re better, connected – O2 UK
  • We are who we are, because of everyone – Orange UK
  • Life’s for sharing – T Mobile UK
  • Plus loin ensemble (Farther, together) – Orange France
  • Erleben, was verbindet (The experience which connects) – T Mobile Germany

Have a look at the related advertisements:


One of the best advert campaign playing on sensitivity

T Mobile

The best Mobile advertisement as of today from my point of view

Incredible piece of advertisement at Trafalgar square

It is a sign of the spirit of the time as the connection, the individual, have let their places to the cooperation, the community, the collective. Will it have an impact beyond the communication?

We can assume yes. Some operators are including free access to Wikipedia, Facebook and other communities’ website through their portal and price plans. We can expect a strong come back of the friends and families offers or improved versions like: 4h included to all your Facebook friends + unlimited Internet access to Facebook to share your life with your friends This kind of offer can be of course adapted to any community website depending on the local preferences or to the target segment. Business customers will of course prefer an access to their preferred networking site like LinkedIn or Viadeo.

Another approach would be to reward the best contributors of the community with free access, free minutes, hence promoting co operation and collaboration. In any case, we can expect Operators to be very active and endeavour to take control and/or to benefit from this new collaborative trend.


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